New DICK TRACY Interview at CBR

AnnieCourtesy of ace interviewer Alex Dueben, Comic Book Resources is featuring an interview with Mike Curtis and me about our detective in the yellow raincoat. This was fun to do.

Curtis, Staton & “Dick Tracy” Solve the Abduction of “Little Orphan Annie”

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  1. dear Mr. Staton and Mr. Curtis: I began reading Dick Tracy from Hartford COURANT probably around 1958-59. Around that period, Castro was a temp hero and the villain-dictator US “supported” was Batista, in Havana. I have a brief idea for Mr. Curtis to consider, which may help child and teen readers and some adults….How do Sam Catchem’s friends and family assist him to stop smoking cigs? Tho smoking’s traditional for Sam, a future panel could help on this difficult problem. To me (a nonsmoker), for most smokers, who started as teens, this is a VERY HARD goal. It’s NOT so much a moral issue, to me, as it is an issue of PAIN, and difficulty breathing (I have asthma for years). Perhaps the Tracy-Catchem families could agree the money he saves goes to a designated anti-crime charity? The Amer Lung Assoc or Amer Heart Assoc have plenty of information and graphics to help, for a future article. If and when I see your “panel” on this, I’d be happy to make a small donation to that charity, too. Take care, and thanx for continuing this exciting and demanding “comic”….

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